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Upcoming Events

November 26, 2010, Stockholm

on “Human Trafficking and Security” with Dr. Louise Shelley, Professor of Public Policy and Founder and Director of the Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center at George Mason University, USA.

November 16 - 17 Tallinn, Estonia

Seminar on "Organized Criminal Groups use of the Internet for Criminal Purposes"
ISDP will organize a seminar for law enforcement staff and academics in Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to discuss how the fight against criminal group’s use of internet for criminal purposes could be made smoother. The seminar is a part of ISDP´s initiative of bringing together views and experiences of law enforcement and academics in crime prevention from the countries around the Baltic Sea Region and is supported by SIDA Baltic Sea unit. Participation is by personal invitation only.

November 5 – 12, Kunming, China

Chris O’Hara and Niklas Swanström will visit Kunming, China from November 5 to November 12. ISDP, along with partner institute CICIR, will be holding a seminar focusing on post election scenarios in Myanmar.

November 04, 2010, Stockholm

ASIA FORUM on “The Chinese discourse on 'Brazil-Russia-India-China' (BRIC): An Indian Perception” with Dr. Jagannath P. Panda, Research Fellow, IDSA, New Delhi, India.

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It is a great privilege to introduce two publications and the continued cooperation between the Institute for Disarmament and Peace (IDP) in Pyongyang and the Institute for Security and Development Policy. This is the result of an extended period of cooperation between IDP and ISDP that has recently been strengthened with an exchange of scholars and joint research. The authors of the following publications are the first guest researchers that have visited Sweden in an effort to strengthen the already established cooperation. It is our hope and belief that the research conducted by the North Korean scholars, both in and outside of North Korea, will enhance our understanding of the North Korean position, but also to provide a stronger base of cooperative efforts.

Asia Papers

Reunification of Korea is a Major Security Issue on the Korean Peninsula: The North Korean Perspective

Ma Tong Hui

ASIA PAPER, October 2010

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The Conclusion of a Peace Treaty is Imperative: The North Korean Perspective

Choe Chang Man

ASIA PAPER, October 2010

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The Structure of Impasse: The Complexity of Japan’s "North Korean Issues"

Norihito Kubota

ASIA PAPER, October 2010

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Silk Road Papers

Reconciling Statism with Freedom: Turkey’s Kurdish Opening

Halil M. Karaveli

SILK ROAD PAPER, October 2010

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Stockholm Papers

Transnational Organized Crime: An Economic Security Threat in the Baltic Sea Region

Konrad Raczkowski


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Articles & Book Chapters

Niklas Swanström

Organized Crime in Pacific - Asia: Cooperation and Challenges

in Security Cooperation and Asia Pacific, International Military Branch, China Association for Military Science, Military Science Publishing House, Beijing, November 2010



Xiaolin Guo

Boom on the Way from Ruili to Mandalay

in Myanmar/Burma: Inside Challenges, Outside Interests, edited by Lex Rieffel, Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2010, pp. 86-100


Policy Briefs

The Fight Against Money Laundering in Latvia and Sweden

Walter Kegö

ISDP POLIY BRIEF, No. 40, October 21, 2010

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The Role of Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking in Kyrgyzstan’s Ethnic Crisis

Erik Leijonmarck, Camilla Asyrankulova

ISDP POLIY BRIEF, No. 39, October 13, 2010

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Sino-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA): Time to Discuss One China?

Sangsoo Lee

ISDP POLIY BRIEF, No. 38, October 07, 2010

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China and the EU: Economy Prevails

Christopher O´ Hara

ISDP POLIY BRIEF, No. 37, October 01, 2010

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ISDP in Media

Listen to the Swedish Radio report from the October 7 Joint Seminar on (Stockholm Asia Security Group) on "Regional Power and Maritime Security in Asia"

Listen to "Inslag ISDP" here.

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Staff and Project News

October 27

Bert Edström held a presentation on ”Japan: trends and tendencies” at the East Area Studies Program, Stockholm University.

October 21-24

Niklas Swanström participated in the Xiangshan Forum of China Association for Military Science 2010 on “Evolution of International Strategic Configuration and Asia-Pacific Security” in Beijing organized by the China Association for Military Science. He held a presentation on “Regional security structures in NEA: what we have and what we need”.

October 18

Niklas Swanström held a lecture on “China´s Rise and its Rising Need for Natural Resources” at the Uppsala Association of International Studies.

October 18

Halil Karaveli spoke at a CACI Forum in Washington DC on The prospects of Turkey's Kurdish question, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS.

October 11-12

ISDP jointly organized together with the PLA Academy of Military Sciences a conference on "A New Strategic Landscape – Changes, Challenges and Consequences". The aim of the conference was to have world leading experts present and have the opportunity to discuss their views on current security challenges. The conferences also aimed to provide international experts with the unique opportunity to meet Chinese academics and high-level military officials who play a key role in determining future Chinese policy and vice versa. Niklas Swanström and Karlis Neretnieks chaired panels at the conference.
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October 5

Svante Cornell was a keynote speaker at the 1st Annual Georgian Studies Day "Georgia’s New Horizons: Restoration of Territorial Integrity and EU Integration" organized jointly by the Embassy of Georgia in Stockholm, the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), and the Swedish Institute (SI) at the Stockholm School of Economics.


ISDP Senior Fellow Roger Svensson appointed representative of the German Marshall Fund in Sweden

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) now has a representative in Stockholm. Roger Svensson, Senior Fellow at ISDP, is also serving as Senior Advisor to GMF tasked with developing projects and partnerships in Sweden.

Report from the Seminar on trafficking in human beings for labor exploitation

IDSP in cooperation with SIDA Baltic Sea Unit held a seminar on the 21th of October on trafficking in human beings for labor exploitation into Sweden from the countries around the Baltic Sea. Representatives of Swedish government agencies, staff from the embassies of Poland, Latvia and Estonia as well as scholars participated in the seminar. At the seminar the participants identified severe weaknesses in how Swedish authorities are combating trafficking in human beings for labor exploitation. No coherent strategy for the fight against human trafficking for labor exploration exists to this date. Lack of information among the authorities in dealing with the problem, as well as an actor with overarching responsibility in dealing with human trafficking for labor exploitation are two major causes of the shortcomings. The seminar proposed that the Swedish authorities’ successful methods in combating trafficking in human beings for sexual purposes should also be applied to the work against trafficking in human beings for labor exploitation. The main findings from the seminar will be published in a report by ISDP at the end of November. For more information, contact Erik Leijonmarck at eleijonmarck@isdp.eu or Walter Kegö at wkego@isdp.eu.

Initiation of a Book project about Organized Crime and the Financial Crisis

Institute for Security and Development Policy would like to bring into attention the fact that organized crime groups may have exploited the economic crisis to entrench their positions within the countries around the Baltic Sea Region. ISDP has initiated a project focusing on ways in which the financial crisis relates to, and affects, organized criminal groups in the region. The book, which will be written by academics from the Baltic countries, Poland, Russia and Sweden, will describe actions taken by organized crime groups in relation to the financial crisis, as well as the consequences of the financial crisis for the criminal groups. The intended readers are primarily policy makers within Europe or in the European neighborhood and secondarily students within the fields of economics, political science, criminology or security studies. The aim of this book is to raise awareness among policymakers in the Baltic Sea Region and the European Union of the impact of organized crime groups’ economic activities and its implications for the countries around the Baltic Sea. The conclusions will be made public at a seminar held in St Petersburg in April 2011. For more information, contact Erik Leijonmarck at eleijonmarck@isdp.eu or Walter Kegö at wkego@isdp.eu.